Manchar Lake

Lake Manchar was formed when a branch of the Indus River flowed from Kashmore. In 1921, it was connected to Hamal Lake via the Main Nara Valley Drain. In 1958, the lake completely evaporated due to drought. Between 10 August and 23 August 2009, 700 cu ft/s (20 m 3 /s) of water was introduced in the lake via Indus River. The lake’s banks and vicinity are home to ancient archaeological sites Ghazi Shah, Wahi Pandhi Ali Murad Mound. The sites of Lal Chatto, Mashak Lohri and Lakhiyo situated along the edge of Lake Manchar are the most ancient sites which date from the Harappan culture.

Multi Temporal Normalized Difference Water Index Maps of Manchar Lake

The Multi-Temporal Lakes Detection and Mapping project focuses on analyzing satellite imagery from the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 to identify and map changes in lake distribution and size over time.

Flood Inundation and Velocity Mapping of Manchar